About Walker & Associates

At Walker & Associates Surveying, Inc., we've made customer service a tradition since we opened our doors in 1982. Our entire operation is keyed to one philosophy – excellence. We've been serving the land surveying and mapping needs for energy, boundaries, and construction projects for more than 37 years from our East Texas offices in Tyler.

In the services we provide, in our commitments to our clients, and in the people we employ, our standard of excellence is unsurpassed in our industry. We insist on being better, brighter, quicker, friendlier, and more dedicated to customer service than any of our competitors.

Our maintenance of this standard is made possible only by a dedicated team of professionals who take pride in perpetuating a high level of performance. This is achieved by expanding our services and broadening our expertise by staying abreast of cutting edge technology and employee development.

Through careful planning and discipline, we strive to remain successful in the future through a keen sense of vision and an awareness of our clients' needs. After all, that's what they're entitled to receive.


The staff at Walker & Associates, Inc. pride ourselves in continuously maintaining quality control by having checks and crosschecks of all work performed in the field as well as in the office with personnel continually being monitored for all of these projects.

Our organization has over 120 years of professional cumulative experience among our staff, which we feel gives us an edge in being more fully-trained and equipped than our competitors.

Our administrative staff, technicians, fields crews, project managers, and officers take pride in bringing to our clients the fullest extent of our abilities in each task we undertake.

Our personnel includes:

Walker & Associates has the capability to outfit up to 10 crews, all of which are prepared for out-of-town jobs.

For more information on our East Texas land surveying and mapping services, check out our Services page or contact us today!